New dance show! New dance show!

Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller are executive-producing a new dance show for NBC. Tentative titles include “Dance Masters of the World” and “Superstar Dancers of the World.” According to Nigel, “It’s the ‘Olympic Games of dance’–everybody gets it right away.” I don’t get it right away. I mean, fine, I get the premise–professional dancers competing for cash money–but I think the premise is dumb. Because the contestants will perform dances characteristic of their countries, judging will be impossible. How will some ballroom expert be able to choose, in good faith, between a step-dancing number and a pas de deux, both executed flawlessly? (Cut to me, six months from now, liveblogging the first show with tears of joy in my eyes.)

Who’s hosting? Duhhhh: Michael Flatley, of course.


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