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Public humiliation on a national level

“To a Daisy of a Mom”: Elizabeth’s thank-you-for-letting-me-be-in-show-biz card to her mother

Elizabeth nails her Big Idea interview, despite being forced to sit through the “THRUST IT!” scene from Showgirls and a giant-hair-bow clips from Saved By the Bell. She talks about surviving her hideously difficult experience and sticks up for Showgirls, which she admits was “public humiliation on a national level”–but which she defends as one of MGM’s top-20-grossing films of all time.


“Lame Tim Gunn-substitute mentor”? HOW DARE YOU.

Heather Havrilesky loves SYTYCD, despite “its tacky opening credits and its awful set and its screaming tween fans.” She applauds the “smart, honest” judges, the “emotional, inspired dancing,” and the “innovative, talented choreographers.”

If SYTYCD is the ribbon on Havrilesky’s toe shoes, Step It Up and Dance is the bloody blister on her foot:

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Jerry Mitchell at Broadway Bares

Photo: Tom Vrzala (who has many more incredible photos here)

What?? It’s a picture of Jerry Mitchell! There he is, in the upper left-hand corner! Come on, guys. Get your minds out of the butt, I mean gutter.

Broadway bares

Mochi applied purple body glitter for a good cause last night:

And here’s JerBear and pals:

More pictures of ripped, tipsy dancers over at TheaterMania.

TJ Moss, thank your lucky stars

Your friendship with Cody’s girlfriend, Emily, got you national exposure on Step It Up and Dance.

From Cody’s blog:

“It was such a serendipitous moment finding the music for my solo. My girlfriend Emily was on Myspace listening to her friend’s music and we heard this song. Her friend is TJ Moss and the song is called ‘It’s Over.’ He’s an incredible songwriter.”

So Emily’s on MySpace? Intriguing!

Cody Green’s girlfriend

Look at her cute little haircut!

Cody Green wins!

Oh, Cody! He wraps ankles; he leaps like a panther; he trots out his girlfriend, bless her heart; he keeps calm as middle-aged women insult him; he shows a national audience that straight men do dance; he does it all, and we adore him!

Tonight’s outcome was as satisfying as a medium rare hamburger after a Master Cleanse. Dancers and non-dancers alike, we all (save a few weirdos and contrarians) knew that Cody was by far the most talented among a cast of excellent dancers. He deserved to win, he won, and I’m thrilled. Bravo, Bravo!